Just in front of the lifts!

Hotel di fronte agli impianti di risalita di Marilleva 900

The Sporting Hotel Ravelli is situated just in front of the lift which takes you up to Marilleva 1400.

There's no need to catch a ski bus, you just have to cross the road and get on the lift!!


The Sporting Hotel Ravelli is located in the heart of the Val di Sole, between the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Brenta.

If you want to spend a comfortable holiday practicing your favourite winter sport, Hotel Sporting is what you need! We are situated so close to the Marilleva 900 ski lift that we are practically attached to it! After a tasty breakfast you can put your boots on, get on the lift and have a great day skiing or snowboarding in the excellent and extensive ski area. 

A heated storage room for skis and boots is available for you to use, while a rich après-ski program will be ready and waiting upon your return from an exciting day on the slopes!

Skiing is without a doubt the most popular sport during the winter but you can enjoy the mountain life through many other sports.

Nordic walking is a new healthy and easy sport, practiced outdoors, either alone or with others. It combines the benefits of sport with pure enjoyment and relaxation. Perfect for this reason, it is rapidly becoming popular across the world. Like cross country skiing, the poles are used with the arms to match each step the person takes. As you stride with your left foot, you bring your right arm and pole forward and vice versa. Keep your arms close to the body before flinging them back and forward and lean slightly forwards. Nordic walking works your upper and lower body at the same time, strengthening your back, legs and arms and torso, which constantly swings from one side to the other. It improves your endurance; strengthens and tone 85% of the muscles in the upper body, arms and legs (including the pectorals and glutei); and releases muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it provides an excellent cardiovascular workout without excessive effort and activates your metabolism, raising the total amount of energy burned.

Ice skating. Balancing, dancing, falling, getting back up again, gliding across the ice... this is what ice skating is all about! Excitement and fun with family and friends, while putting yourself to the test of this enjoyable winter sport.

Ski mountainering. For those that prefer the tranquility of snow covered peaks and valleys rather than traditional ski slopes, the mountains that encompass the Val di Sole are perfect! The surrounding mountains make an authentic and vast outdoor playground for all those who enjoy ski mountaineering.  Of course ski mountaineering is a sport that requires extra caution and attention.  Therefore, before starting off on one of the many possible itineraries, it is recommended that you contact the Alpine Guides of Val di Sole. As well as safely accompanying skiers on excursions, they provide technical information regarding the current snow conditions and can inform you about the many different itenaries possible.

Snowshoeing. An outing on snowshoes is truly a unique experience, that brings those who participate back to the past when snowshoes were the only way for people that lived in the mountains to move about during the winter, especially when there was heavy snowfall. Sliding along with snowshoes on an immaculate blanket of snow, you can enjoy the silence of the forest and discover the many trails left behind by animals as they move about searching for food. It allows you to experience the mountain in a different manner to how skiers feel when they speed down the slopes. Why not give it a try? In Val di Sole numerous outings are organized by both the Alpine Guides and the guides of the Stelvio National Park. It is thanks to them that you're able to discover the best kept secrets of the nature that surrounds us. These outings do not require any particular technical preparation and the equipment is supplied by the organizer, or it can be rented in various shops throughout the valley.


And if you are not up for doing any sport.... you can just rest and relax in our Wellness Center Le Reve!


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