A bit of our history

From farmers to excellent hoteliers

It all started in the early nineteenth century when Grandfather Alfredo I bought a farmhouse with a barn and converted it into a restaurant with a few rooms to rent.






In 1991 they bought the second hotel for their son Alfredo II who, after working in several jobs in Italy and abroad, was now ready to start running his own hotel.
In 1996 Alfredo II married Cinzia who decided to help out by managing the administration. In the same year, they started an important extension of the Hotel Ravelli which, in July 1997 was renamed Hotel Palace Ravelli****.

In September 1997 Alessio Ravelli was born (fourth generation). Unfortunately a big loss followed the good news: Bruno died after a short illness. He didn't even manage to see the results of his hard work.

Then Alfredo II took over the Palace Hotel Ravelli and his wife Cinzia kept looking after the Sporting Hotel. Alfredo's sisters got married and Alfredo and Cinzia carried on with the Hotel business, with ongoing support from Alfredo's Mother Gina and Grandmother Caterina.


For the Ravelli family the hotel is not just a job, it's their passion!!!



In the beginning of the 20th century, Grandfather Alfredo I bought a farmhouse with stables and he transformed it into a restaurant with some guest rooms to rent.  At that time tourism was non-existent in Val di Sole, so the restaurant was primarily targeted to businessmen who passed through the valley.

However, the restaurant businness was not enough to cover the family's needs, and therefore Grandfather Alfredo I decided to keep horses, cows and pigs on the side.

When Grandfather Alfredo passed away in 1951 his wife Caterina continued the business, which was not easy whilst bringing up four children (Bruno, Rita, Anita and Adriana).

In the 1960s summer tourism started to develop in the area. Guests from other areas of northern Italy started to arrive to visit the mountains for excursions and to meet up with friends and family (they tend to return year after year). They played games, listened to the music in the piano bar and went for picnics.

As tourism developed, Grandmother Caterina decided to abandon all farming activities.

At this time, Bruno (her first son) started helping out with running the business, and thanks to the constant rise of tourism in the region they started to extend and impove the structure of the business.

In 1965 Bruno married Gina who worked side by side with her husband in the hotel, helping out in the kitchen and managing the housekeeping. Gina gave birth to three children: Erica, Roberta and Alfredo 2°.

In the early 1970s Bruno's sisters all got married and Bruno took over the business. In the same period, the first Marilleva ski station opened and it was the start of winter tourism in the area. The Ravelli family decided to focus solely on the growth and expansion of the hotel business.

Thank to the thriving tourist trade, Bruno and Gina, with the ongoing help from Grandmother Caterina, continued to invest their money to improve the hotel.




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